Once again it has been forever but I do feel I have the perfect excuse. Thought it’s not so much time as inspiration/joie de vivre that I’ve been lacking. Seven weeks of being mostly confined the the house and dressed in active wear will do that to a person! I can feel the fog gradually lifting though and I know that everything is temporary.

Actually, despite feeling a bit “blergh” generally I have been so enjoying being a Mum the third time around, I am absolutely loving that side of it. I feel very relaxed and calm (towards the baby at least) and I think it’s that knowledge of the fleetingness of things that allows me to be that way. I’ve always known “tomorrow is a new day” but never so much as now, having the perspective of two older kids who were surely babies just yesterday, and who now talk and walk and sleep and eat just fine. So I feel like when it comes to Ruby I can say okay, you’re not sleeping, no worries! Let’s get you up. Tired? Let’s try sleeping again. Still not sleeping? Let’s have a cuddle. And it doesn’t bother me.


I do still try to stick to a routine, as that works better for me (I’m a planner!) but as long as I know roughly when she should be feeding and when she should be sleeping, I’m good! We are also getting plenty of sleep at night, which helps. I do still find myself getting a sinking feeling as the clock strikes 5pm each night, knowing I need to somehow get them all bathed and fed and in bed in the next few hours, but I give myself a little talking to and we get there. It’s good, it’s fun. I’ve rediscovered the odd 7pm wine and I’m loving that too!

We have just come off the back of two crazy weeks of visitors – we had my parents stay for two weeks, which was a long planned visit, but on top of that we had a few last minute visitors at the same time including our niece, one of our best friends from Sydney and then my brother! It was a really full house at one point and with Heike’s first few weeks of school on top of that I was so tired – when our friend from Sydney arrived I walked out and burst into tears! Luckily he is the husband of my most understanding Mum friend and he was totally fine with it, just gave me a hug and understood completely.


It was SO lovely having everyone here though, especially my parents, and they also got to be here for Heike’s big 5th birthday which was awesome. I made the “genius move” as J put it of hiring an entertainer, a mermaid who put on a one hour interactive comedy and magic show. The kids loved it and the adults got a chance to chat or just chill and enjoy the show, it was great. The details of the entertainer are here, I would highly recommend her, she was hilarious!


So while it was very sad to say goodbye, we’ve enjoyed having our own time again and getting back into a bit of a routine. The big kids found it hard to go to bed at night with the excitement of everyone here, so they’ve been catching up on their sleep and relishing the opportunity to play with all the presents that were showered upon them by their grandparents. Last weekend we had a public holiday on the Friday and absolutely stunning weather, it was so nice just to hang around Stanley and enjoy the beaches – J took the kids paddle boarding and kayaking, we swam in the pool, went out to lunch and just had quiet family time. It was just what we needed.

I’ve found being a school Mum quite full on, which could be due to my over-enthusiasm putting my hand up as a volunteer for everything, but I just can’t believe the volume of emails I get from the school! At least one a day and that’s just for one child – the thought of having two at school does my head in. I totally understand that if you were a working Mum you would just need to block out 90% of the emails. As in, anything that doesn’t say “URGENT” or involve your child maiming another child. And you would need to have a seriously epic calendar system. For me, I’m getting by on my “scribbled notes, reasonably good memory “system for now but being a class parent and a library volunteer as well (library volunteer=my dreams coming true, massive nerd) I’ve decided I finally have to start entering things digitally. I’ll keep you updated on how that turns out!

Heike is loving school though and is making lots of friends. One of her friends called out yesterday “Bye Heike, I love you!” and it warmed my heart because it’s only week four and I was so worried about her. She’s fine of course, already bossing the kids around in the playground after school and oh, she has found a way of proving she knows everything by prefacing all her argumentative statements with “My teacher says…”. It’s going to be a long 13 school years.


Walter is plodding along perfectly although he has been sick pretty much consistently since Ruby was born. We’ve noticed a few changes in behaviour since he became a big brother, mostly a new type of wailing, sooky tantrum that is really difficult to manage! He is SO sweet 90% of the time that it’s always a surprise when the tantrum comes on, and I feel like we’re not strict enough with him because he just tugs on everyone’s heart strings so much. And he is SO nice to the baby despite the fact you can see he sometimes hates her, it’s hard to punish him for the odd outburst. I am trying though as he can be quite physical with Heike when he wants to be and it’s not fair on her. Even though 99.9% of the time she starts it.


J and I are going pretty well, certainly getting along much better than we have when the other two were newborns. I think having a helper makes that so much easier, as we can still walk down the road for a quick dinner or a glass of wine, and we’ve even had breakfast out on a Saturday together just with Ruby. It’s been nice. Moving to Hong Kong has only brought us closer, which has been really nice. Of course we still hate each other sometimes, but mostly it’s all love!

And Ruby is just perfect, I am so glad she surprised us and came into our lives. I love the perspective she has given me and the different roles she has given her brother and sister. I can see her being very doted upon.

So that’s life for us, hopefully now I can be a bit more regular with my posts and not have to bombard you with a brain snap like this!


Z x


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