Bunny’s Nursery: Part One

Despite being about 100 years (okay, 34 weeks 4 days but who’s counting?!) pregnant with baby number three, I’ve never actually decorated a nursery before. When I was pregnant with Heike I was just getting by on my salary as a part-time nanny/part-time copywriter, and my nursery decoration consisted of some gender neutral wall stickers, a change table and a cot. Then we moved when she was three months old and made a bit more effort with her bedroom, but nothing too involved.

Still it was buying our first house that saw my interest in interiors and styling take off, and I gradually did make a few improvements. When Walt was born he shared a room with us for most of his first year, and briefly shared with his sister before we up and moved to Hong Kong.

We plan to stay in this apartment for some time, and when we moved in I decided this was probably going to be my first and final time to create a proper nursery. Thus began the process of decorating baby Bunny’s room!

There were a few things that HAD to fit in the room – a chest of drawers we had made for Heike’s room back in Australia that had no home here, the IKEA cot that has been used for all my babies, and a grey sofa bed for visitors/Mums who end up sleeping in the nursery every night. They were all fairly neutral which gave me the scope to go wherever I wanted.

What has really shaped this room is the absolutely beautiful wallpaper by Mrs Mighetto that I bought online from Australian site Jimmy Cricket. Get a load of it will you?! This room sits at the end of our hallway and two weeks after having the wallpaper hung my heart still flutters at the site of it. The paper is quite feminine which works well if we decide to swap baby and Heike at some point once she is sleeping through and Heiks needs her own space.


I have always loved picture ledges used for displaying books, and I picked up these from IKEA – they’re actually not the nicest ones IKEA do but the nearest they stock in Hong Kong. I then hopped online and bought some gorgeous books all purely for the cover, which is so not me (reading is my one true passion, although I do believe books should look beautiful too!) but I can happily report all the books are great. The “Paris” book is so delicate and beautiful – definitely not for baby and toddler hands!


The little rabbit is from Mirth which I’ve raved about before.

I wrote about my Lila x Lola prints (pictured up top) here and got them framed in Stanley at Cottage Framers in the market. I was actually really disappointed with the framing at first (I was teary, it wasn’t a proud moment!) but can happily report she fixed it the same day and now they look great.

With the sofa bed in here we didn’t really have space, and I ended up finding this super cute change basket while mucking around on Instagram – it’s by OlliElla (check out all their stuff, very cute) and I bought it online from UK site This Modern Life – I had to pay an extra 15 pounds for shipping due to the size but I think it was worth it, especially given the mark up of everything in Hong Kong and what a change table would’ve ultimately cost. It sits perfectly on our chest of drawers and the top drawer has space for nappies, wipes, creams etc.



It’s still a bit of a work in progress (I have a whole other corner I’m working on, and it just needs more zhushing) but I am really happy with how it’s coming along. It’s been an interesting process for me in terms of starting with a blank canvas and creating a room that isn’t only styled nicely but makes sense spatially – my spatial awareness is terrible so I’m constantly learning!

I’ve said it many times before but I truly believe it pays to spend time making your home a beautiful space where you want to spend time. We spend so much time in our homes (especially the stay at home or work from home Mums) that it’s worth taking pride in them, and that can be done inexpensively. I am seriously considering taking naps in this nursery once it’s finished, it just feels so nice in there!

Speaking of naps…well I’d love to take one but a certain 4 (AND THREE QUARTERS don’t forget it!) year old wants to recount the entire Pocahontas movie to me verbatim.




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