Big Kid Beds

Oh Hong Kong and your wacky weather warnings. Today we are stuck at home, schools closed with a red amber rain warning. No rain to speak of at this stage, but I can tell you it BETTER RAIN! You may remember when schools closed in winter due to inadequate heating, or when I had to cancel my birthday dinner due to a T8 warning for a typhoon that never materialised. Sigh! You can’t say they’re not careful.

Besides a round of colds and flu and a really annoying bout of sinusitis the main thing going on in our house the last few weeks has been Mr 2 climbing out of his cot. I swear he and his sister are polar opposites – he is tricky in all the ways she was uncomplicated, she challenging in all the ways he is breezy. So of COURSE he started climbing out of his cot, because he is an ironman and sleep has never been his strong point.

Aside from the constant fear that he would fall and crack his head open, the main concern with this is that he became so proud of his achievement he was waking earlier and earlier in the morning just to display his newfound talent. So we were faced with a beaming little boy standing over our beds at 4.50am, full of pride and much too pleased to go back to sleep.

And so we’ve had to address the issue of a “big kid bed” earlier than I anticipated, but in a way it’s quite good timing with the little one due to arrive in three months. I really wasn’t keen on buying another cot or bassinet and my main strategy prior to this was to convince J to let me sleep with the baby until Walt was ready for a bed. Which was clearly inadequate.

I’ve been searching all over the internet to find a bed solution for him, including my favourite site Asia Xpat and also IKEA which (NEWSFLASH!) now offer delivery within Hong Kong. The problem is that Heike has a really nice, expensive bed* and anything else next to that looks a bit ordinary. I also REALLY wanted him out of the cot because of, you know, the pre-5am stuff!

So yesterday I had a bit of a brainwave, which was to simply pull the trundle drawer out from under Heike’s bed and drag it to Walt’s side of the room. I already had some single bed linen for him I bought during a Kip&Co sale, so even though it looked a bit funny it looked quite cute once I’ve made the bed in there. And the best news, he napped in there yesterday and slept in there last night!!

I don’t really have any great tips for transitioning into a big bed, except not to force it if you can help it. Heike, being the dream sleeper she was and is, sort of did it naturally by wanting to sleep in a single bed when we hired a holiday house one Christmas (she was 2 years 3 months) and then asking to keep sleeping in a big bed once we got home. We never had any issues with it except I did wonder if it contributed to her dropping her nap pretty early.

With Walter it obviously came down to safety and certainly he will be trickier in terms of getting up out of bed. Last night I lay down in their room and sang a little song, and he quite sweetly clamped his eyes shut with a cheeky grin whenever I looked at him, but it took about 20 minutes for him to go to sleep. He does still have a dummy and a bottle which makes it easier to settle him (a total deliberate decision by me as I forced Heike to give up her bottle at 14 months and always regretted losing it as a comforter). Also, unbeknownst to me he apparently came in this morning before 5am, and J told him it was sleep time, at which point he ran back into his room and went back to bed! J was worried about where he’d gone, but there he was asleep in his big bed. Very cute.

I don’t really have the luxury I guess of thinking about how quickly he is growing up or what a milestone it is – ultimately it’s a relief in a way to have the cot in the third bedroom and be able to get the baby’s room ready. But I do feel sad sometimes that he’s been so easy, growing up before my eyes somewhat as life goes on around him, a classic middle child really!

Not quite sure how he feels about the big bed…

Look at those luscious legs!

I’m sure with Walt being Walt and the two kids sharing a room there will be ongoing dramas with the new sleeping situation and lots of nights of me pretending to sleep beside them as they drift off. But I don’t mind and am happy to have this ticked off the list before the baby arrives. What a big boy you are Walty!

Anyone have any more tips or tricks for me?!

Z x

*We bought Heike’s bed from Petit Bazaar in Wan Chai, with a discount as it was floor stock. Turns out now we’re using the trundle it was totally worth it!

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