Faaaahshun Friday

Clearly online shopping is one of my passions (my main passion? That’s scary) but I wouldn’t really wouldn’t call myself a fashion person. I guess people who have no interest in fashion would think I was quite into it whereas the fashion bloggers of the world would say “But babe, what’s going on with your shoes?!”. I do occasionally splurge on Net-A-Porter and know my Wang from my McQueen but am usually dressed by Zara. I spend a LOT of time reading fashion blogs but never try to be those people – it’s just not me.

That said I have been shopping around for maternity clothes a little of late and was quite disappointed in how not fashion forward they are. I’ve done my time at ASOS and it just doesn’t fit or wear well. I was directed to Topshop which seemed cool although I wondered about the quality/fit, and also to Seraphine which is the favourite of many celebs including HRH Princess Catherine (clutches pearls). I did buy a few things from Seraphine which I have to say are amazing quality but every time I wear them I feel just slightly daggy. A little bit Mumsy. And while Princess Kate always looks amazing I wouldn’t really say princess chic is my every day style.

I did buy a few awesome things on ShopBop – a couple of singlet tops (“vests”) by Monrow and two body con jersey dresses by Ingrid & Isabel. I basically wore the two dresses the entire time I was in Australia so they have already paid for themselves and I’m still only just past halfway. Overall though I wasn’t thrilled with the range on ShopBop – they stock great brands but only a select, curated range. How many different styles of maternity leggings can one possibly need?

Still, it was ShopBop that led me to the Holy Grail of maternity wear – Hatch, a New York based maternity brand that will have you adding to cart dangerously quickly.

While Hatch is expensive, I can honestly say the quality is AMAZING and the fabrics are perfect for Hong Kong summers. Three or four little dresses from here will get you through a whole summer, and you will feel kind of awesome about yourself. I bought three dresses – the super feminine and floaty Picnic Dress and the Lucy Dress in two colours (black and clay). I had a feeling the Lucy Dress would be flattering on my shape (big thighs, bony shoulders) and I actually wish I’d bought another! Definitely compiling a little wish list for when next month’s budget rolls around, including the gorgeous off shoulder Audrey Dress.

The great thing about Hatch is that it’s designed to be worn after baby is born too. Yeah, yeah, you might think, I don’t want to be wearing my maternity clothes then. But I can genuinely see myself getting tonnes of wear out of the dresses post baby, they are just lovely and a flattering fit.

So, here is me attempting to be a fashion blogger:

Absolute idiot. Pictured here in Hatch Picnic Dress, Tigerlily Leather Jacket
And I’m done being serious!

I gave up on my foray into fashion blogging, but if I manage to get a candid pic in one of the other dresses I’ll be sure to update you as they do wear really well.

So, how about you? Fancy yourself a bit of a fashionista? Any maternity fashion tips to share?

Happy Friday!

Z x


3 thoughts on “Faaaahshun Friday

  1. EmilyMaine

    Looking gorgeous Zo! I wish I’d found this little gem of a maternity website when I was looking although I think M is probably glad I didn’t! Ha! I think you are very fashion forward but then I’m not very good at fashion at all. I bought a bunch of stuff from ASOS and returned about half. I did get a couple of good finds in the stash although I agree the quality isn’t great, especially for anything that is ASOS brand itself. Other than that I found a couple of good things on Aussie maternity boutique websites but it really is a case of hunting through the rubbish to find the gems. Those dresses will def be lovely post pregnancy as they are a flowy style so not really maternity looking. Nice!


    1. mrswilde

      Thanks Rach – very true re ASOS and I am one of those people who ends up keeping it until it is too late to return! So I didn’t want to risk it again. When I put on one of the dresses the other night J said “That maternity stuff was expensive huh?!” he must have perused the credit card statements oops! Worth it I reckon 😉 xx

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