Oh HI guys! Sorry that apparently my domain name has not been working for two weeks – coincidentally the same two weeks I have been blissing out and email free in good old Australia. Thankfully that’s been rectified now, oops. I promise to be more dutiful to my blog in future. Well, I promise to try.

So, what’s been going on? For me, it’s been heaps and nothing. I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

Walter Turned Two!

The little guy rang in his second year in style, with an abundance of chocolate cake and good manners, which pretty much sums him up. He has been such a delightful boy and the perfect addition to our family and we could not feel more lucky.

The party went off without a hitch and was actually such an amazing day, just a small group of friends who ended up staying and having G&T’s and champagne through the afternoon, and two of our close friends even stayed for dinner! It was a warm, lazy, happy day that was just the perfect representation of what Walt has been to us. 10/10!

We Went To Australia!

Just under a week after the party (a week in which my helper was on holidays, which is a first world but nonetheless challenging problem!), we flew out to Australia for Easter. We were lucky to get upgraded to business class for the flight there and have a very relaxing flight with enough sleep to get our holiday off to a good start.

Let’s do this!

We had amazing weather the entire time – I packed jumpers and trackies but we honestly didn’t wear them once. It was a pretty magical trip, lots of swimming and ice creams and SO much family time because my brother and his girlfriend are in between houses and were also staying with Mum. I’m very lucky to be close to my family and they all have a great relationship with the kids – my Dad had made Walt a dinosaur birthday cake, and I have to say, how many Grandpa’s would do that?!

Lover lover!
Where else is the sky THIS blue?
And the grass this green?


The kids were spoilt rotten of course and after two weeks of loads of treats and TV were starting to go a bit feral. I also noticed that they were getting really aggressive with each other, well more than usual, which made me realise how nice it is for them to get some time apart normally while Heiks is at school. I think Walt has been really enjoying his playgroup too and maybe missed that stimulation somewhat. It inspired me to start doing some more Montessori activities with him at home (and share them with you guys hopefully too!).

So yes, Australia is awesome and my family are even more awesome and my friends are gorgeous BUT the best thing to come out of the trip for me is how happy I feel to be home. I am honestly on cloud nine today surrounded by my things, Heiks just back from a morning at school and the aircon blasting to counteract the 90% humidity. I DO love it here. Hong Kong may be many annoying things but it is fun and beautiful and full of possibility in a way that Australia isn’t. Hard to explain. But hey – I’m very happy to have reached this place. Particularly when I felt so awful after my last trip home.

I also flew home on my own yesterday with two ratbags, so I’m taking this opportunity to give myself a round of applause.

I’m Having A Baby!

Just sitting having a quiet moment last week and feeling my little one kick about inside, I had an inconvenient revelation – I’m having a baby. As in, it actually has to come out. I have to give birth. Again. In Asia. Very distressing information for my brain to process. Luckily I don’t have to think about it too much for another four months. My current birth plan is “Do not give birth in Hong Kong taxi” and thankfully J is on board with this plan. Boom!

The upside of this realisation is that I’m feeling a little bit inspired to get organised and start buying a few things or thinking about what I need. We have a non stop string of visitors until late May and then in early June I am planning to fly to Singapore to visit my cousin before I hit 34-36 weeks and can’t fly. After that I will be able to pull my finger out a bit more. TOO exciting!

Confetti Wall!

Okay just a light bit of home deco fluff (is there anything better?) but I have had the biggest dramas with wall stickers. I ordered some wall stickers for the kids’ room months ago from an Australian website and they were very cool and artsy and hipster and I was really thinking I was all that. When they failed to arrive after many weeks I trawled through my email to see that yes, they had been shipped, but to an address that didn’t have a street. So, building details and suburb but no street. Can I blame baby brain? Needless to say the company weren’t very understanding (I thought they might have been returned to sender but I received a very curt email informing me it was my mistake, thanks anyway) and I blew almost $100.

Still, I was faced daily with my worst nightmare, a white wall. So I looked all around Hong Kong only to find that nowhere really stocks wall decals and there is a serious hole in the market*. I then had a lot of fun/wasted a lot of time browsing the many, many wall decal companies on Easy before I decided that some bright, fun polka dot stickers would be perfect for a shared boy/girl room. I ordered them from The Lovely Wall, taking great care when entering the address, and HOORAY they were shipped right away.

Yet do you think they arrived?

Well, okay, they DID arrive but it took bloody forever and I had just about given up hope. When I found that I had a package this morning I rushed to the post office at opening time and then waited for 20 minutes while they looked around thinking they had lost it. But they FOUND it and I then rushed home and, despite being literally surrounded by mess that needs to be unpacked, applied them.


I think the wall looks great and am stoked that we can FINALLY put up the kids shelves and artwork now as I was waiting to have a base to work from. I also just love colour, it makes me so happy!

ANYWAY sorry for the long post, and the long time between posts. I’m excited to get back into it over the next few weeks. I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the slow change of seasons, whichever hemisphere you happen to be in.

Z x

* I just discovered that Petit Bazaar have just started stocking these exact wall decals, because that is how my life works.

2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. EmilyMaine

    haha oh I had to laugh when I got to the end of this post. Of course they now stock the wall decals locally. Ha. Glad you had a great trip back to AUS but they you are actually enjoying the return to Honkers. That’s awesome. The kiddies look beyond adorable with the luggage. How are they going sharing a room? We might do that down the track too I think. Saxon likes the idea now but maybe the reality of it might be a bit different.


    1. mrswilde

      So annoying right! Life always works like that for me. They love sharing a room. The one annoying thing is staggering bed times at night as they really need to go around the same time. Otherwise it works great for us!! Maybe if you don’t keep too many of his toys in his room he won’t mind xx


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