Party Planning in Hong Kong

My boy is turning two this weekend! I got a little teary last night just thinking about it – how fast it has gone, how easy he has been. From day one when he came out in two pushes to now when he consistently fits in with everyone else’s routines he has been such a gift to us. But more on that later!

Right now I am consumed with party planning. He is just having a small party with a few little friends because I really don’t think two year olds need much more than that. But still, I am obsessing over the little details. Kids birthday parties are like a drug for me. I used to make kids birthday cakes for J for years before kids were even on the agenda!

Ever since I saw this construction cake a few years ago I have wanted to make it for a little boy, and luckily Walt is obsessed with “diggers” so it is a perfect theme for his soiree! The creator of this cake, Phoodie, is one of my absolute favourite food bloggers (and party planners!) – I could vouch for at least 15 of her recipes!


That said, he is also currently consumed by all things dinosaur (painfully so), so he will also be having some dino fun with his classmates at playgroup this Thursday. I actually have a million little other things to get done this week, so thankfully have been organised and gathering bits and pieces for weeks.

I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve found and where, as Hong Kong can be a bit of a complex maze when it comes to this stuff – lots out there, but hidden in random places and spread out all over the island of course!


Party bag fun!

I wrote about Mirth in Wong Chuk Hang a few weeks back and it is now one of my favourite stores! They have HEAPS of cute stuff for parties, particularly girls parties (isn’t that the way everywhere?) and melamine cups, plates and bowls in every colour if you’re in the market or it’s a fancy party. Mine isn’t, so I just got some cute party bag stuff and made sure to stick to our theme colour – a lovely “digger” yellow.

Taste/Great Food Hall etc.

Watch out! Construction in progress…

I got these plates, cups and straws from our local Taste in Stanley, but have seen variations at Great Food Hall and Fusion. Great even had little construction cupcake kits which would be cute if I wasn’t making an enormous cake.

Wan Chai Markets/Lanes


I took a walk through the laneways surrounding Wan Chai markets with Walt one day and we found heaps of trucks/diggers/construction site paraphernalia that was really reasonably priced. There are a few cheap toy stores hidden away behind some of the market stalls. Sadly most of what we bought has been opened and the toys are now scattered throughout the house! I managed to keep the ones with the roadwork signs/witches hats safe as I knew otherwise I’d never see the small pieces again.


Confetti balloon! Love it

People rave about Partytime in Central (Prince’s Building) but I personally think it could be done so much better. That said they are a bit of a one stop shop if you’re not too fussy about what you get (like yours truly) and they do deliver helium balloons (as long as your party starts after 11am!). I picked up some cute tattoos for party bags and lots of balloons in theme colours (I am excited about the black and gold confetti balloon) but opted against helium in the end because they couldn’t deliver by 10am – a bit disappointing. But, you know, he’s 2. He doesn’t even know it’s his birthday! I also got the below cupcake cases for his dinosaur cupcakes.


The dinosaurs I got for HK$30 at Stanley Market – I plan to reuse them as party favours. The idea with the dinosaur cupcakes is to make plain chocolate cupcakes topped with piped green buttercream and a dinosaur stuck on top! Easy but looks like you’ve tried.

For games I’m doing a pass the parcel filled with tiny Peppa Pig books. Walt has an unhealthy obsession with Peppa so she had to feature somewhere. I’m also doing a freeze game with more Peppa as the winner’s prize (though I’m sure being two years older than everyone else Heike will win this and not understand the concept of being a gracious host and, you know, donating the prize to a two year old guest!).


I can’t believe he is almost two! I also can’t see myself getting to Saturday without some form of minor panic attack. I already had a *minor* meltdown at J this morning because I couldn’t find the trucks I’d bought, accusing him of moving them. But they were actually right where I put them just, you know, a little further back in the cupboard. Breathe. Breathe.

Wish me luck! Can’t wait to share photos of the finished products.

Any party shop/party goods tips you’d like to share with me? My Aussie favourite, for reference, is Lark Store. So much cuteness, delivered to your door!

Z x

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