Breathing Room

So it has only been 1.5 weeks since we moved into our new place, but I can honestly say I feel like a physical weight has been lifted off my shoulders. There is something so nice about having SPACE, not only in your own home but in your surroundings. I look out my window and see the Pacific – that is pretty special. Hi Mum and Dad! Quite the change from looking out over dirty old Wan Chai (I still love you Wan Chai!). After nine months living in Hong Kong, I feel like I can finally breathe.

Suddenly I feel like I can DO more. Simple tasks that seemed beyond me before, like heading to the shops for a few things or taking the kids outside for a walk, are now just a part of my daily routine. And while I’m sure that also has something to do with where I’m at in my pregnancy (i.e. no longer curled up on the couch with a packet of rice crackers) I do wonder if maybe I was a little depressed with our living situation before?

I think for sure, to some extent, I was. I have never lived up that high before, not only in a tall building but perched at the top of a hill, with no one but two under fives for company. To go ANYWHERE we had to tackle stairs. If Walter decided he wouldn’t walk or he wanted to have a tantrum, this would be on a busy main street in the middle of the city. My fight or flight senses were almost constantly activated. So often I could feel the stress creeping up the back of my shoulders (I really need a shoulder massage!).

Then on top of all of that, we had the surprise baby. Yes, surprise! And we weren’t sure how we felt about it, and no one was sure whether to congratulate us (I will always be grateful to my sister and Dad who were over the moon, this made me feel better at the time) and it was overwhelming. My Mum I knew was worried about me, that I was taking on too much. I lay in bed at night and cried and thought “How will I cope?!” and we weren’t sure. Then we went to Germany, and everyone was thrilled, and I was sick, and then I was thrilled and suddenly constantly anxious about anything happening to the baby. Anxious and anxious and anxious and sick for another month until we reached the second trimester and we stopped holding our breath and we went for a magical trip to Thailand and we moved.

And now, here we are, and I can breathe.

Of course another crucial element of feeling calm and comfortable in your home is creating a beautiful space, and we are working on that all the time. I’ve used a lot of blue in the apartment which we brought across from the old place, and this works perfectly with the ocean view out the window. Blue is also a very calming colour (I think I’ve decided it’s my favourite colour!).

At the moment my favourite space is the dining area and while I have done a lot of interiors posts recently I thought I would share it with you all.

What’s New

The new thing I bought for the dining area was our beautiful Muuto dining table. If you haven’t come across Muuto before, they are a Scandinavian Interior Design brand based in Denmark. We first came across Muuto when we were choosing chairs for our dining table in Sydney (I think my friend Sarah, who I bounce all my design ideas off, put me onto them) and we ended up also choosing Muuto pendant lights when we renovated our kitchen.

Funnily enough I didn’t even know the table was Muuto when I found it – I saw a picture online and thought “That’s the table!” (I had done SO much research) and then located it at a store called Establo in Wong Chuk Hang. If you like Scandi design, DEFINITELY pay Establo a visit, even just for inspiration.

What’s Old

Obviously our Muuto chairs and also our beautiful brown Bentwood chairs (I love these chairs, J hates them! His style is much more modern whereas I like a bit of old thrown in). Two things that are working really well in this space is our beautiful black farmhouse mirror and our trusty old Country Road vase. I bought this mirror from Bowerbird in Hong Kong without J’s approval and I have to admit it didn’t really work in our old apartment (again, he hated it). But it is PERFECT in this space and what’s better, it actually reflects the ocean view. It also looks so pretty at night with lit candles on the table – I can’t wait to have a dinner party just so I can light lots of candles and bask in the mirror’s glory!

What I’d Like…

I am always on the look out for new homewares and while I’m on a spending freeze right now two things I’d LOVE are a new blue dining set from Loveramics (I have strongly hinted at this for Mother’s Day) and a big purchase, any kind of blue persian rug. I actually think I have convinced J of the need for another rug, so once it turns into HIS idea it just might happen 😉

Love this cobalt colour from Loveramics

4 thoughts on “Breathing Room

  1. EmilyMaine

    Ahhhhh I’m so glad you are feeling great in your new space. It will be awesome with a new baby too to have that calming outlook. Remember we lived across the road from the beach when S was born? It really was so nice to have that outlook as opposed to feeling shut in to some residential area. Your dining room looks amazing! That mirror really pops over that table. Totally a magazine worthy result. So sorry surprise baby was a bit stressful at first (I think I’d be the same to be honest even though we toss around the idea of 3) but glad you have settled into it and feel excited now. Hey it is pouring with rain here today and I was totally eyeing off the milo at the store because of all your milo references! lol


    1. mrswilde

      Haha you are MUCH more self disciplined than me, I would have bought the biggest jar. I told myself no Milo this pregnancy, yet here I am – when I start talking about Nutella I will need you to stage an intervention!!


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