Boy or Girl?

Being pregnant at the moment sees me spending my free time drinking a lot of Milo (Australian cocoa, but so much better than cocoa), baking way too much, being the only parent who gets sleep ins and spending way too much time hypothesising about whether I’m having a boy or a girl.

I was sick, so that makes me think boy. I’m expanding out rather than forward, so it must be a girl. Baby moves around a lot…maybe a boy. Something in my gut tells me girl…girl?

It is equal parts nice and frustrating not knowing. I’m in a great position, I already have one of each, so it really doesn’t matter to me either way. I’m glad that one of my children will get to have a same sex sibling. And I do like to daydream about the different scenarios, even though fate is already sealed.

Another nice thing is that I’ve experienced both knowing and not knowing the sex before – with Heike we didn’t find out, because it didn’t matter to us either way, and with Walter we did because I really thought he was a boy and didn’t want to be let down if I was wrong (that sounds bad! But I did hope for a boy). I have to say I personally loved not knowing, the reward at the end was just so great, but it wasn’t exponentially better than knowing. Walter’s birth was so smooth and his first day here so completely lovely and easy that it didn’t matter that much that we didn’t get that “surprise”.

J firmly does not believe in finding out the sex (I had to beg him last time!) so that’s just the way it is, but I wouldn’t mind knowing…I would love to know what I can give away for starters! I’d also love to tell the kids, who are dying to know either way (“It’s definitely a girl Mama” says H, naturally). But I guess I will have time for that once the baby arrives.

Still, I did try to do the sneaky at my OB’s office today. As she fiddled around with her ultrasound machine I couldn’t help but ask “So, can you see the sex right now?” to which she replied “I can tell you my guess with about 70% accuracy…do you want me to tell you?”. No, no, of course I didn’t, but now I’m driving myself even more mad. 70% accuracy, does that suggest girl? Or does the fact that she answered so quickly mean she saw some boy parts?  OR, do I need to find something more useful with which to occupy my time?

photo (1)
Hello my littlest one!

It is a total cliche but I will feel so lucky just to have a third healthy baby in my arms. 24 weeks to go!

So, tell me, am I having a boy or a girl?! Did you find out the sex of your babies, or ponder the “what ifs?” like me? 

Z x

5 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?

  1. Simona

    Hi Z, been following your blog for some time now, so firstly – congrats on your third bundle of joy! I am expecting my second one, and I do know the sex – baby girl 🙂 We did want to know as I had these ` I know for sure what I am carrying´ things. I just knew 🙂 so the doctor only confirmed the `obvious´. However, with my first – boy- I had no morning sickness, but with the girl – I was sick from week 5 to almost week 16!… so my wild guess would be – a girl 🙂

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    1. mrswilde

      Hi Simona – so great to hear from you, congratulations on your baby girl!! That sickness sounds terrible, so pleased we are both out of the woods now. Well if you are right I sure would love the shopping that comes with a baby girl – enjoy that part! X


  2. EmilyMaine

    I was only thinking about this the other day and wondering what you are having. I am also guessing girl only based on my own experience! I was way more sicker this pregnancy than the first! I was thinking how if you have a girl it will replicate the family unit you grew up in which I think in some ways we tend to lean towards. I know if I had a third I’d probably want a brother for S (which he requested this week – another baby after this one as he wants a brother lol) but probably because I never had a sister and love my sibling relationship with the boys so I just don’t know what my daughter would be missing out on if that makes sense? Anyway I personally can’t wait to find out what you are having!! I can’t believe we have to wait until August! xx


    1. mrswilde

      I know! So unfair! Of three pregnancies I can honestly say each has been completely unique, so I couldn’t guess based on that alone. I would say I lean towards boy but it’s about 60/40, still lots of room for movement. I do think I would feel very comfortable with another girl – my sis in law has boy/girl/boy/boy and the two little ones are SO cute but SO energetic, I don’t know if I have that energy in me! We’ll see…X


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