Good Luck

We are back from our extended Chinese New Year break (Gung Hei Fat Choi!) and were STRAIGHT into preparing for our move which happened on Friday. I had to take a mental health day last Wednesday and basically spend all day doing absolutely nothing but other than that we were 100% go and we are so happy now with what we achieved. That said it has hit me like a tonne of bricks this afternoon and I am happily reclined on the sofa while the kids watch TV.

I think we can all agree that moving, on the whole, sucks. But overall it was fine and the result is that we’re living in our dream area in a much bigger apartment. Win!

The other nice thing about our move was that we seemed to receive a nice dusting of good fortune. I’m a huge believer in luck and karma – I have a lot of shitty, annoying little things happen to me ALL the time and am exceedingly accident prone. Just yesterday I reached up to a high cupboard and managed to burn the entire front of my stomach on the coffee machine! But, in return, I seem to always land on my feet in life. I think it’s important to also pay that forward by showing kindness and helping others.

So, we were meant to move on Saturday and ended up changing the date to Friday. Justus’ boss told him to check the Feng Shui calendar (naturally) and of course Saturday was the WORST day in the entire month to move. And while we’re not Chinese, we didn’t want that bad juju hanging over us! So Friday was it and wouldn’t you know it, we had the funniest good luck! Our lounge from Australia that has been in storage (too big for our old apartment) was meant to arrive later this week but they had an opening on Friday. It was the first thing to arrive. The second thing to arrive was a toy shelf I had ordered for the kids that could only be delivered on a Friday. Then, late in the day once all our furniture had been moved and unpacked, the dining table I had only purchased the day before (the last one available, a display model that was ON SALE) also arrived! So everything came at once and it was all looking a lot nicer than we’d thought it would.

Also, we have been told we have to pay a RIDICULOUS fee to get our wifi reconnected, but ssshhhhh – we plugged it in and it’s working!

At the moment it is all about the final touches – hanging art works, ironing curtains, buying flowers, finding spots for all those little things we probably should have thrown away. I had to finally admit that neither of my children ever touch the bongo drum we bought them and just give it away! Magic sand? Gone! But the little bits of good luck we’ve had have me feeling positive about what is actually a pretty massive change, and lying here on my new old sofa staring at my new dining table is basically a form of heaven!

image (1)
Sharing a room…wish us luck! This will look much better when the bare walls are fixed
image (2)
image (3)
Walking through the new ‘hood
image (4)
My view…getting there

So, are you kind of unlucky lucky like me? Or do you seem to win everything but also have big bouts of bad luck?

Z x

2 thoughts on “Good Luck

  1. EmilyMaine

    Oh man, you need to come style my house. Yours looks better in one day than mine does after a year of moving. I am just not inspired by home decorating! But I want the result, of course. lol Glad it all went well and you got some good juju on move day. Yay!


    1. mrswilde

      Oh thanks Rach, I promise it doesn’t really look that great, just the parts I’ve made effort with. There’s an entire room filled with junk. I am such a Crab, my home is my happy place, it has to be perfect! Now, organisation and finances on the other hand…xxx


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