And Baby Makes Five…

Finally, I can reveal something that has permeated everything I’ve done and everything I’ve written for the last three months – we are expecting our third baby this year! After an initial surprise and “What are we thinking?!” we are now extremely excited about meeting this little person and what it will mean for our family. Basically, more infighting but spread between three rather than two. Ha!


It’s been a bit of a grey few months for us. I was surprised when some pretty bad morning sickness hit me at around seven weeks (well, just all day nausea really) as I hadn’t experienced this with the last two. The last two times I was really, really tired. This time I just wanted to eat porridge and dorritoes for 8 weeks straight. In the midst of all that we decided to move, had to find a new place and organise SO many logistical bits and pieces, and then both the kids got really sick and we were stuck inside in the rain for a fortnight.

Now I feel like the fog is lifting. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and am feeling less sick. I have more energy and generally feel like I’m in a more normal, optimistic mood. I’ve seen my littlest one bouncing about in an ultrasound and he or she looks really cute (and really, really energetic. Another one!). And today, finally, we are leaving for Thailand! Eight days of 30 degrees and sun! I really hope this is the turning point for us and when we get back I find my Mummy mojo.

But today, I am giving myself a leave pass! I am sitting on the couch and eating cake and the kids are watching TV and then we will head to the airport and our holiday will begin. When we get back it will be back into it, little Walt is starting at Montessori playgroup (which will just be the cutest thing ever obviously!) and Heike is starting a new school and we are moving into a beautiful big apartment. Our kids will be, gulp, attempting to share a room. I predict this may not last, but am determined to give it a go! We have a big coastal walk right out the front of our building that I will try (try) to do as much as possible. Good things, great things, are on the horizon!

But for now, let’s hit the pause button.

Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey! I am so excited to meet my littlest monkey, and introduce him or her to you all.

Z x

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