What I’m Buying

We are in the middle of the coldest Hong Kong weather in 60 years, which is only fitting when we apparently arrived here during the hottest summer ever. Yesterday there was a maximum of 5 degrees, and while I know you Europeans will scoff at that it felt pretty bloody cold! Like in Aus, HK just isn’t equipped for the cold – poor heating, cement walls. So while it was kind of funny and very Hong Kong, it wasn’t surprising when we found out that all schools are closed today.

On top of that, our little guy is battling a pretty nasty case of Hand, Foot & Mouth. For those who haven’t heard of it it’s basically a virus that manifests in lots of little blisters on the hands, feet, insides of mouth and bottom. It makes kids miserable and is highly contagious which means the dreaded quarantine. Both my kids seem to have had particularly bad cases, maybe because they have eczema as well? But it’s basically a full body outbreak and an extremely grumpy little boy sleeping beside me as I write.

With all this time indoors, plus a move and a Thailand holiday in the very near future, there’s only been one thing for it – lots of online shopping while drinking hot milo. J joked that the weather is sending him broke which earnt him an epic death stare but there may be some truth to it. We definitely need all this stuff though…

Bride & Wolfe Heart Shelf

I have been eyeing off this shelf for YEARS ever since I first glimpsed it at Kido Store in Sydney, and now that we are officially maxing out on crystals and shells (and Heiks even has a little rainbow just like the one in the picture, a Waldorf toy from Grimms) I decided it’s time. The shelf is on the pricey side but I think the white colour will last her a long time and it’s just SO cute. I have seen it used in so many different adaptations on pinterest and it always looks amazing. They ship internationally and express for urgent orders.


Kip & Co Beanbag

What do you buy for the two-year-old boy who has everything?! I decided to get Walt a cute little beanbag for his upcoming birthday, which is both something he actually needs and something he will like, as he can run and catapult himself onto it multiple times per day. A friend recommended Kip & Co’s beanbags and they just have the CUTEST designs – the one I got has sold out (nabbed it for 50% off) but I think they are all awesome!


Country Road Sneakers & Dress

Those who know me well are well versed in my Country Road addiction obsession. I never leave a Spend & Save unspent (I know. Am I crying for help?). Anyway because I can’t buy shoes in Hong Kong (their biggest size is 39!) I’m always on the lookout for shoes and was taken with these, also thought they were well priced at $99.95…?


While I was there I couldn’t go past this sweet little dress for Miss Heike, who upon being questioned said she would actually definitely wear it. Which is the only criteria I look for when buying things for her, as she actually definitely wears almost nothing I buy her. Could it be any cuter? Hello Thailand! By the way, CR delivers free to HK.


Camilla & Marc Bikini

Now speaking of Thailand, it must be known that I am in no way “bikini body ready” for our holiday next week. We can blame a few factors but I’d say it’s mostly down to the “online shopping while drinking hot milo” that I have been partaking in. That said, I optimistically decided at some point that it’s nothing a new bikini can’t fix. I fear we are past that point, but who can resist a Camilla & Marc sale – they still have some AMAZING styles available at great prices, but in limited sizes. Shipping to HK reasonable from Aus.

*model estimated to be wearing a size 6, while the writer purchased a 14.


Finally, I need to tell my Hong Kong readers about a store that I actually discovered by leaving my apartment. I know, it was a crazy day. I’d heard about Mirth from a friend but managed to pay them a visit when I was visiting J at his office in Wong Chuk Hang last week. It’s basically my new happy place and definitely my go-to for any little home decoration needs. Here are some pics of their showroom that I found on their Facebook page:


I mean, seriously! Just go there for a little hit of happiness!

Meanwhile I had a brain snap during my visit and came home with a giant silver floor cushion, which is equal parts amazing and redundant. What can I say, I love shiny things. It has had a lot of positive feedback though…


Anyway, that is my budget for three months about done – I should probably go and do some paid work to cover some of these purchases.

If you have an online shopping addiction you need to talk about…I’m here!


4 thoughts on “What I’m Buying

  1. EmilyMaine

    Do more of these posts! You have such great taste so it gives me tips on where to look which I never know as I’m not really a shopper so it takes me forever to find stuff. Have fun in Thailand!!! Woooo!


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