House Hunting

Welcome to the first blog post of 2016! As I said to J yesterday, it’s just another week, another day, so the concept of a “New Year” is really what we make of it. For him, it’s stressing him out – there is so much on at work this year for him and the number “2016” is making his head hurt. For me like with everything I’m approaching it with a shrug of the shoulders and a “what will be will be” attitude, which is of course why he is the successful one and I am the relaxed one! It’s all about balance.

Now that we’re officially back from holidays and our body clocks have somewhat acclimatised, we have to really sit down and face a few issues we’ve had on the back burner for a while. One boring example is working out our helper’s hours to fit in better with my work hours *yawn*. One exciting but also stressful example is the question of whether or not we will be moving in the next few months.

You see, we love our apartment – you probably remember me writing all about it just a few months ago here. We are all very happy here. But J is in the process of renegotiating his contract for a further two years, and the thought of another two summers here isn’t great for us. NO POOL! MIDDLE OF THE CITY!

We had planned to escape to Europe this summer but it’s now not feasible due to work. We also have no facilities in our building – which means nowhere for the kids to play and burn off all that toddler/preschooler energy unless we actually head out somewhere. And sometimes you just don’t have the energy for that! What a luxury to have a pool and a playground and a gym and even, potentially, a grocery store all within your building?!

Also, we would like to live South Side of the Island, which is where we would have chosen to live initially if only J’s office weren’t Kowloon side. Well guess what?! Now he has moved to Aberdeen! SOUTH SIDE. It does seem like everything is aligning signalling us to move.

That said, I seem to have what J has termed “moving bipolar”. I decide that yes, despite the effort involved (packing, unpacking, changing schools, getting a car) I do think we should move. Let’s do this! Yeah!

Then J creates a shortlist of properties for us to look at and I scream “I can’t even look at that right now! This is all happening too fast! I don’t want to move!”

When I eventually/within three hours change my mind again we arrange to look at some properties. We go, with the kids, and love them ALL. How is it possible that we have been living without these facilities all this time? What kind of life have we been missing out on? I can wake up and see the OCEAN?! What even is this country?

Then we get home to our lovely little apartment and J suggests we make an offer on one of the properties and I turn again. “Seriously? That place was GROSS! How could we live there after we’ve lived HERE?! How dare you suggest this?!

Poor J!

I think I am just resisting the change and perhaps being way too picky. We have been really lucky with our place in that we’ve found an apartment with windows on all sides, so it’s incredibly light and airy. There really aren’t too many buildings like it, but there are loads of nice places that are much more practical with kids. So I think I am going to have to start being realistic and maybe think about making some sacrifices for an easier life.

In the meantime I am going to employ our long preferred method of list writing when house hunting – the Must, Should, Could Haves. Basically the place you decide on must tick all the must haves, some of the should haves and at least one of the could haves. J and I have used this method when renting or buying all our homes over the last ten years and I can tell you, straying from the list only leads to regret! We often sacrifice a balcony which is always on the must have list and always rue that decision. Reading J’s “could have” list is always pretty funny – he certainly doesn’t hold back on his dreams!

Anyway, I’m off to write that now in order to maintain my marriage. Any other house hunting tips?



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