2015: That’s a Wrap!

We arrived back in Hong Kong last night after a lovely, if somewhat too short, trip to Berlin for Christmas. It was so nice seeing family and celebrating Christmas German style although I have to say I am suffering extreme homesickness for Australia. The sun is shining and my brother has been sick, and I’d love to be there. There really is no place like home.

Meanwhile it is 5pm in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve, 2015. I can’t believe this year is over already. But then, we have kept it jam packed.

This year our little boy turned one, our girl turned four. We went to Canada, to Hawaii, to Berlin. We moved to Hong Kong, and I’ve already been back to Australia twice to visit. We clocked up nearly 100 hours flying time as a family this year alone! One thing I can say about that is I will NOT be crossing huge time zones in 2016. We are staying put in the South East corner of the world.

Last year we celebrated New Year by the beach with some really great friends, best friends, and on New Year’s Day Walter woke up at 5am, as he will probably do tomorrow. So I took him for a walk to the beach and we watched the sun rise together. And I wondered aloud to him what kind of year we would have, letting him know it would all be good no matter what. At that time I had no idea, not even an inkling or a hint, where I would be 12 months later. A new home, a new continent, a new life.

And so I say goodbye to 2015, a year that will always stand out, a huge wave in the sea of a life’s memories, and welcome 2016 with the knowledge that I have no CLUE where I will be this time next year. And that’s okay.

Happy New Year to all of you – as always I have the best intentions to go bigger and better with my blog next year, but I hope you will keep reading either way! I hope 2016 brings you not too many of life’s little challenges and a big dose of its wonderful surprises.

Z x

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