Around the Home

Due to the fact that my broken toe has now developed its very own bacterial infection (let’s move right along from that!) I have been spending a lot of time at home. Cancelled dinners, cancelled playdates, cancelled tutoring sessions. Luckily in Hong Kong we have the advantage of having help, so my helper has been on overdrive doing things with the kids while I beg this silly appendage to heal (because despite calling it silly I do quite like it and can’t imagine life without it. Don’t leave me!).

With all this time at home I am going a bit stir crazy but am very thankful that the apartment is almost where I want it to be in terms of decoration and design. I’ve talked before about how when we arrived the apartment was a lot bigger than we remembered, and it has taken a full six months to “fill” it. It was important to me that in this crazy city we create a calm and comfortable home that can provide a sanctuary from the outside chaos, and I think we have achieved that. It’s a nice place to be.

What I love about our apartment is that it manages to be modern without being “trendy” – we’ve managed to maintain a classic style while still being a bit quirky and “us”, which I think is what has been missing from previous homes we’ve had. It’s all been a bit thrown together. It helps having a bit more budget to play with – we’re not 22 and living in Bondi anymore (sadly!).

There’s still a bit to do – Heike’s room is a bit of a nightmare (the bed is still broken from the bed vs toe incident and the room rearrangement was just dumb), we need a desk space for our printer and computers, Walt’s room could use a little more character. I always think there’s space for new plants. But overall I am enjoying being here, and lots of little things make me happy as I hobble through the place.

*for someone who is terrified of birds, I seem to be fine with hanging them all over my walls?!

I’m such a big believer in creating a beautiful home, which must be the Cancerian crab in me. I am definitely a natural born homebody and would always describe my perfect night as a night in with friends, candles burning and excellent food and wine. Sounds like I will slot right in to our upcoming winter Christmas!

What about your home are you loving? Anything new?


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