20 Whole Months

Walter, 2 days old
Walter, 20 months old

Yesterday my little boy turned 20 months old. 20 whole months! I can’t quite believe it. But at the same time, it feels like he has always been with us. I feel like I always knew I would have him, the little boy who looks just like I imagined, who came to me in a dream the week before he was born.

Having him in our lives has really made us a family. When we had Heike we were so young and so clueless, and in some ways very unprepared, and so we went from two people to two people with a baby. We tried to carry on as we had before, to go to cafes and pubs and parties. None of our friends had kids, they didn’t get it. J was working so hard, and we didn’t see much of him through the week.

But when Walty came into the world he transformed us all – Heike became a big sister, and we now realised how precious these early moments were. We cherished them. We stayed home, we lounged around. We put him in bed with us if he was inconsolable, because what does it really matter? Things had eased up for J at work, he was home for bed time, home for breakfast. He was up at night because our little boy has a unique ability to tug on the heart strings.

Now our Wushka is a toddler and he still melts our hearts, he is our golden boy. “I love my brother so much,” says Heike, “I never want anything to happen to him.” He is big (so big – biggest 20 month old in Asia?), he is strong, he is determined. You would not want to get on the wrong side of him! But he is also calm, and he listens, and he is rule following. His name means “Army Ruler” and you can see an element of that in him – a boy who is big and tough but also has a quiet, stoic side.

He plays by himself for hours, very content with his cars and trucks, often silent apart from the odd “Ooh car!” or “TRUCK!” or “Oh wow”. If he needs you he will come and grab your hand (“Go? Go!”) and show you what he wants. He learns more words every day (Pen-gin! Di-saw! DIGGER!) although he will never quite match his sister in the chatterbox status.

At 20 months old he does throw the occasional tantrum, but I feel like it takes quite a lot to ruffle my feathers these days! One thing that does stress me out is when he refuses to walk, sometimes planting himself on the ground with all his weight (a lot!) and screeching, and it’s really difficult for me to carry him because he is so strong. And you’re bound to get a lot of stares from passers by, because of course Asian children don’t throw tantrums (!!).

Overall though he is a ray of sunshine, loved by everyone he meets. A natural peace maker and a possible WWF wrestler. He is such a joy to us, our Woo-man. We love you Walty!



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