Return to Hong Kong

Hello there – we’re back! We have just returned from our whirlwind three week journey to Australia, and I think it will take me at least six weeks to recover. It was busy and it was tiring and we didn’t have the best weather, but it was also fun filled and love filled and really, really hard to leave.

I think returning home for such a stint only five months after leaving is probably not the best thing for homesickness and getting settled. I was finally starting to feel like I had my stuff together here when we left, yet as soon as we got home I fell right back into Australian life again and really, really struggled to leave! That said, it was AMAZING to get out of Hong Kong – I really didn’t know how much I needed that little break until I got it. Everyone says to live in Hong Kong you need to leave every few months and I would have to agree. I am appreciating its fabulousness so much more now that I’m back.

One great side effects of leaving is that I’m feeling really motivated to get back into Hong Kong life. Dinners, drinks, signing the kids up for loads of activities, getting into a netball team myself – all have been added to the huge list of things I want to organise this week.

Of course, the first thing I just HAD to do, even before unpacking, was to rearrange Heike’s room. This makes complete sense, right? It was absolutely necessary that I do it first thing this morning, while J had taken the kids out for a walk, just to see what it would look like.


This adventure ended in me breaking a) the bed and b) possibly my toe. I somehow ended up dropping a broken part of the bed directly onto my big toe and screamed pretty much the loudest I have ever screamed. The pain!! The toe went blue straight away and I almost threw up so I knew I’d hurt it pretty badly. It’s manageable now if extremely swollen and blue. The injury has sadly put a stop to my netball/running/shopping aspirations for at least the next week. I’m kind of devastated but mostly about the bed (and the fact that the room actually doesn’t look very good!) and it really does add nicely to the list of “Stupid things Zoe has done”.

Anyway. Live and learn, or so I am telling myself.

We did so many great things on our trip it’s hard to pick our favourites, but here’s a little highlight reel.

  1. Seeing two of our dearest friends get married. Not to mention in the most beautiful location, with the sun shining on them despite storms 30 minutes prior to the ceremony!
  2. Eating amazing, reasonably priced meat and fresh, fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  3. Shopping in cheap stores like K-Mart and Target (makes a change from Harvey Nics!).
  4. Meeting my friend’s baby girl and getting to rock her off to her longest ever sleep.
  5. Seeing someone I love, outside of our immediate little family, every single day!

I am going to miss my family and friends SO much, but in many ways seeing them all gave HK a little more perspective – they are all still there, and will always be there, and confirming that might just make me able to let go and enjoy this adventure all the more.

Stay tuned tomorrow for details and tips on flights with kids!

Z x

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