So much has been happening in our little Hong Kong world, it’s sometimes hard for me to keep up. Front and centre, we are busily preparing for our trip home to Australia next week! That’s right Aus, we are coming for you. I am going to dive into that fresh clean Pacific Ocean with the biggest smile on my face, you have no idea. I’m going to call it, Australia might just be the best place in the world to live. But Hong Kong is pretty good too!

I am highly organised when it comes to things like travel or just generally planning for things so the suitcase is out, and each day I top it up with little things thinking “Ooh, I won’t wear this again before we go,” and so on. I have bought special Halloween candy to take home and little presents for loved ones and am basically just counting the hours. You know how as soon as something is really close (4 sleeps!) it suddenly feels really far and you just want to press fast forward and forget about the time in between? That’s where I’m at.

One thing that’s impacting my day to day ability to basically just move (and sit down – oh how I long to sit down with ease!) is a certain tailbone injury that was sustained in a very embarrassing way. Think bowling alley, bowling shoes, running after a particularly active little boy. I basically took a fall akin to those old cartoons where someone slips on a banana peel. It wasn’t pretty! I had to go to the Emergency Room for X-Rays and was just very red faced and sore, but sadly almost two weeks on I am still in a lot of pain. Apparently these injuries can take ages to heel! So my advice is, just say no to bowling. No deal! Or if you’re me, say no to any physical activity that may end in embarrassing injury because history has shown, it will happen.

I am so excited to have a little break from the school routine again. I said to J this morning, how is it possible that I am up at 5.30am every day yet still consistently running late for the 8.25am school bus? And he just shrugged and said, because that’s the way it is. So yes, that’s the way it is my friends, me shrieking “You are four years old you can put your own shoes on we’re going to be LATE” every morning for the last six weeks.

Walter is just busy being a mini front row forward, spending 50% of his awake time running, 40% playing with trucks and 10% eating. He does sometimes throw the odd tantrum or dance in there depending on his mood. Oh to be a boy and just be uncomplicated!

J and I watched a movie last night and afterwards he questioned me about some dialogue. “I didn’t hear that bit,” I said, “Sometimes I just get the gist of what they’re saying and move on.” “Move on to what?” he asks. “Just thinking about what’s going to happen next or what the ending is going to be.” Cue biggest eye roll ever – “That sounds like a very complicated and non-relaxing way to watch a movie.” Hello! I’m a woman. It is impossible for my mind to be on just one thing at one time. But as a consequence, I will never quite enjoy playing with trucks the way Walter does, and I will never enjoy watching a movie in quite the way J does. (The movie was pretty average to be honest so I was probably thinking about what else I needed to pack in my suitcase!)

What else? We tried another really great restaurant on Saturday night, Carbone in LKF, which was in J’s words “The Best Italian Food I’ve Ever Eaten”. It was probably enhanced by the slightly inappropriate amount of cocktails we drank but was really very good. Sore heads all round Sunday morning. This Saturday we are planning to try the “So-Hot-Right-Now” Aberdeen Social so will let you know what we think!

Being Hong Kong every day is full of Mandarin lessons or gymnastics or music and Heike wants to learn the violin (!?) so that will be the next thing, which I think is why time just whizzes on by. Our days and weeks are full. Our lives are full. We are happy but could slow things down. I’m looking forward to long Spring afternoons watching the kids play on the grass and having a wine with loved ones.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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