So Not Perfect

I am a really visual person, always have been. I remember being one of those kids and teenagers who was like “Well I was thinking about…ooh, something sparkly!” – and nothing’s changed. I’m the type of adult who reads fashion and design blogs, who sits on Pinterest drooling and who still buys magazines.

Sadly this means I also fall firmly in the “advertising target market” for all of the aforementioned blogs and magazines. I sit there thinking, ooh, I have to buy that, I have to go there, I need to BE YOU. I also quite often end up feeling pretty disillusioned after spending loads of time ogling other people’s “perfect” lives, particularly if they are other Mums who seem to look better than me, have a nicer house than me and make far better use of their time!

Last week I had a funny experience that I have to share! I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Bikinis and Passports, and stumbled across a recipe for home made granola. I had all the ingredients on hand, it sounded delicious and I thought it could be a good opportunity to share it on my own blog.

So as I made the kids dinner and played with them a bit, I threw together the granola ingredients and popped the tray in the oven. After all, it was a super simple recipe and I’m a keen cook. No problem.

Guys, aren't I awesome, I totally made granola!
Guys, aren’t I awesome, I totally made granola!

About thirty minutes later I recognised the distinct smell of burning nuts and screamed a profanity before running to the kitchen and confirming that yes, I’d charred the granola. Somehow I was in a pretty good state of mind and managed to shrug it off and go about my business. I put the tray of granola on the stove top thinking I’d deal with it later.

Aaaaanyway about 30 minutes later I was stacking the dishwasher with the dirty dinner dishes and SOMEHOW (!?) managed to knock the entire tray of burnt granola off the stove top and into the open dishwasher! I can’t even explain how much granola was in the dishwasher. It was just really, cosmically not meant to be *facepalm*

I wish I could end the story there but sadly, I actually decided I would give the recipe another go the next morning (I was up early and clearly I really felt like granola) and I BURNT IT AGAIN. I mean, what is even wrong with me?! Who even am I?! My sense of identity has been thrown out completely! Well not quite, but I did think I must be under more stress than I realise (also, my kitchen here is really small and not a place I like to spend time. My cooking has definitely gone downhill since I moved!).

But the lesson it did teach me was – you never know the story behind a beautiful photo, or the turmoil behind a beautiful face. Quite an important lesson for someone who lives to judge books by their cover.

You’re doing a good job!


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