A big Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Heike, who turned FOUR yesterday. I can’t believe how quickly those four years have gone. I remember her being a baby and thinking, wow, she will be four one day, and that is so old. And here we are, and it’s not that old really. She’s still a tiny little girl, learning about the world, just four trips around the sun. photo-32

But then again, she is so grown up! She fetches things for me and does little jobs and we have interesting conversations. She cares deeply for her brother and her friends and is an excellent nurse to the sick (unlike her Mum, who freaks out!). She loves science and nature and knows more about bugs and spiders and butterflies than I ever have. She goes off to school on the bus every morning and gets dropped off at lunch time full of stories. “I ate a vegetable at school today Mum, are you proud of me?!”

Given that two years ago we would have a guaranteed 30 minute tantrum if we so much as brandished a toothbrush, I count it as a small miracle that this child is now fastidious about teeth brushing! Morning and night she has to brush her teeth so “they don’t fall out” and she presents them to me for inspection – “Mum, are they all white?” She’s taught her brother her techniques and he looks at her adoringly as they brush their teeth together each day.

We are very close, she and I. We have a special bond. There was a lot of time when it was just the two of us, and she was challenging, and only I could handle her. Now she is growing up, and very easy to take out and about, and just as happy to spend the day out with her Dad, or her Granny, or a friend. And her brother needs his Mum more, he’s learning to talk and assert himself, he’s in the danger age! So that sense of dependence on me is waning, but she’s still my first child, and I think that relationship is unique in most families.

She still has her moments, that’s for sure. Just this morning she threw an entire pack of snap cards in my face because I wouldn’t let her win. She is a force to be reckoned with. She has her Mum’s confidence and outspoken nature combined with her Dad’s ambition and ego. Surely one day she will be ruler of the world?! It would not surprise me. That said, nothing much would – this child is nothing if not unique!

We had a magical day yesterday, visiting her school for her birthday celebration and watching her interact with her school friends, which really just filled my heart right up. Her grandparents are here from Australia and it was so nice to have them with us. We all went out for a relaxing lunch and then off to Disneyland for the afternoon – we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces, everything went smoothly and the weather was perfect and we just had the best time. I hope she remembers it.

So, Happy Birthday Heike! I hope that four is another great year for us. You’ll always be my number one girl.

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