Back to School

Today my big almost-four year old girl woke up cheering – “School today!!”. She was so excited to get back into the swing of preschool (which is quite intense, five mornings a week in HK so more like school) and play and learn, because she is a born nerd like her Mum. And just like that our endless summer came to an end.

Only a Mum can tell you how much a three year old can grow up and change in three months, and so it was a different little girl we dropped at the door this morning. My heart was in my throat a little bit because, what would I do without her?! She’s been my little sidekick this summer as we’ve gotten to know this crazy city. And yes it’s been long, and I could have killed her at times, but I am going to MISS her. I mean surely just yesterday it was me and her against the world, when her brother was just a star in the sky and her Dad was working way too hard? Sometimes you can just feel the time slipping through your fingers, you can sense it, and I’m having one of those moments right now.

But there are bonuses to the whole back-to-school thing. It means getting back into a routine, getting some structure back into our days, which I think is really good for my mental health. It also means little Walter gets his time in the spotlight. “The Destroyer” as his Dad calls him is signed up to “Little Kickers” and gymnastics AND music! I’m excited to spend the mornings with him and then some time with Heike in the afternoons once our helper starts in a few weeks.

I’m also looking forward to doing some things for myself. I feel like I have been a bit of a slave to my children for the last few months and while I love them I’d quite like to not go insane. I like my sanity, thanks. So I’m going to book in some manicures and some hair appointments and some long hikes. I’ve also just done a bit of freelance work and have some more lined up, so it will be nice to not have to feel like I’m just-barely fitting everything in all the time. Breathing room.

Also let’s face it, I get a break from Madame for a few hours each day! I’m not going to lie the house is lovely and quiet.

But anyway, my little girl, my big kid, my preschooler. I’m so proud of you, my science-loving, tree-hugging, sometimes impossible, fiercely independent daughter! Have a great year at school pretty girl – I sense big things in your future. But for now enjoy learning how to hold a pencil.


Do you have any little ones starting school? Any tears?

Z x

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