Embracing Your Inner Child

We had quite a big weekend celebrating Justus’ birthday, with lots of food, drinking and not much sleep! Needless to say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning, because a) It was Monday and b) I was feeling the effects of a fun weekend. I’m not good on Monday mornings generally – I think only last Monday I burst into tears for some inane reason, which was actually just that it wasn’t the weekend anymore.

The other thing about Mondays in our house is that the place is always TRASHED! I think I am so “on” throughout the week that I kind of use the weekends as a time to just let things go, but the problem is that if I’m not doing the housework, no one is. So come Monday, I tend to be greeted with an overflowing dirty laundry basket, two extremely untidy kids bedrooms and a sink and dishwasher full of dirty dishes.

Anyway, yesterday morning I slowly began my rounds, sorting laundry, sweeping floors, locating missing items such as the baking paper (under Heike’s bed, naturally) – all the while muttering and complaining and feeling very sorry for myself. Justus announced that he was leaving for work only to be met with a cranky “Lucky you!” (I know, I’m so lovely).

I took the kids out to do groceries after realising there was no food in the house, and that’s always slightly stressful. Taxi there, taxi back, dealing with two very young children and managing their expectations when there’s shelves of chocolate and chips and cereal everywhere you turn. My mood was not elevated.

We got home and I ate some chocolate myself which I did find pepped me up a little bit, and I decided it was time to turn the day around. I mean seriously, we are healthy and happy and we have money and time and we are living in Hong Kong! Let’s do this! It had started to rain at this point but by now nothing was getting me back down.

I decided to book tickets to Ryze Trampoline Park in North Point, which I’ve read and heard heaps about. While they do have an under-6 jumping session at 9am daily (in future I probably would book this but it wasn’t a big deal), young kids can still jump any time and I knew I needed to get out while I was on a roll. I booked for 3.30pm as I knew Walt would be up by this time – you can buy and pay for tickets online which I would recommend as it’s not only efficient but guarantees you jump time on a rainy day.

We took a cab there from the mid levels which cost us $60HK and took about 15 minutes. When we got there it was reasonably busy but not too busy that I wasn’t comfortable taking Walt in. The jumping area is huge and includes a trampoline basketball area, two big tramps covered in balls, two huge foam pits that you can catapult into and tons of little square tramps.

Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park Hong Kong

Heike was in her element – being almost four she is a great age for this kind of thing. She did get tired towards the end and is a little bit girly generally so we left after 45 minutes. Walter I can see having trouble getting out of there as he gets older – it is the perfect energy-burning activity for testosterone fuelled little boys and he was going quite crazy. Overall though he was too young (he doesn’t even really know how to jump!) and kept running onto other people’s tramps (only one person at a time allowed on the smaller ones) and generally getting himself into mischief.

Still, we had a great time. There is something so healing about just BEING with your kids, laughing, being crazy, jumping high in the air and showing them your cool tricks. I found myself belly laughing from the pure joy of JUMPING, such a physical pleasure that kids are able to embrace every time they jump on a swing or shoot down a slide. There was no time to think about anything, except “Oh god Walter is going to break his neck!” every now and then.

So, I would definitely recommend embracing your inner child at a trampoline park – even if you are the only Mum jumping, and trampolining after having two kids is slightly risky 😉 Your kids will love you for it, and Mondays will look a little brighter!

How do you cope on Mondays? Any tips?!

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