St John’s Play Group

We checked out Hong Kong races last Wednesday night and as well as enjoying a jug of Pimms and losing money on the horses, we met a nice Aussie couple who also have two kids. Asked how I was finding Hong Kong I lamented that, as a stay at home Mum, I was finding it hard to meet other Mums and not just helpers.

They understood what I meant and suggested I check out St John’s play group, which is held in the hall next to St John’s church in Central. The play group is run by a lovely English lady, and the only rules are that children must be two or under, and absolutely no helpers are allowed. Walter and I decided to check it out.

On arrival we were greeted by the lady who runs the group, who explained the process of signing in and paying the very affordable $20HK donation. We were then introduced to a few of the other Mums, some of whom had lived in Hong Kong for many years and others just a few months.

It’s a typical play group set up, loads of toys as well as water, biscuits and tea and coffee making facilities. Walter absolutely LOVES it and plays happily for the full two hours without giving me a spot of trouble (yet! I’m sure that’s still to come). I think his favourite part is the singing at the end.

Yes I like playgroup!

All the other Mums I’ve met so far have been lovely and, as I’ve found generally in Hong Kong, very open and willing to engage. I think because Hong Kong is such a transient city, peopleĀ do need to sometimes say goodbye to friends but are always happy to welcome new ones. I’ve even gotten someone’s number! Yes, it’s like dating.

This is such a fabulous resource for Mums new to Hong Kong, or new Mums who’ve been in Hong Kong for ages. I feel very lucky to have discovered it.

St John’s Playgroup

Thursdays 2.30-4.30

Fanny Li Hall, St John’s Cathedral

4-8 Garden Road, Central


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