Alone In Hong Kong

I had planned to post yesterday, but didn’t because I was simply exhausted. Exhausted because it is hot, and new, and busy. But also because Walter is sick and had been up half the night, and both kids were up early, and I hadn’t had any kind of me time because Justus is again travelling.

There are loads of bonuses to being an expat wife, being married to someone I not only love but who is ambitious and passionate and has a job with a good salary and lots of perks. Sounds great, right? And mostly it is. But there are also some pretty major cons. Long hours. Missed birthdays and holidays. And lots of alone time.

So, here’s what I am loving and not-so-loving about being alone in Hong Kong…


– Loads of alone time

– Chilling with the kids and not worrying if the dishes aren’t done after dinner

– Eating dumplings with them at 5pm like a child

– Not being cold

– Meeting new people

– Exploring new places to play

– Doing my nails and watching bad TV at night

– Going to bed at 8pm

– These pictures taken by Heike today. I love seeing our world through her eyes

photo 1

photo 2 (1)

photo 2

photo 3

Not Loving:

– Loads of alone time

– Missing my husband

– Not being able to call my Mum or sister and chat

– Being more tired than usual

– Talking to myself

– Hanging out with helpers all the time. I want to meet some more Mums!

Any other stay-at-home expat Mums out there? How do you cope when husband isn’t around?


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