If you are still reading, thank you for your patience! Relocating overseas with two very young children and getting a blog up and running is proving to be, well, just as challenging as I expected. I have a few great posts lined up and can’t wait to share them once I get settled. In the meantime, I thought it was best to update you on where we’re at.

We arrived in Hong Kong late on Sunday night after a fairly smooth flight – more on that later. While the JW Marriott is the closest hotel to our apartment (and the one we will be booking for visitors in future) we got a cheap deal on a “family suite” at the nearby Cosmopolitan Hotel. Why we are still sucked in by cheap deals at this phase of our lives I can’t tell you. The family suite was officially the smallest hotel room we’ve ever stayed in and while it was pleasant enough I wouldn’t recommend it for families. Maybe singles or couples who don’t plan to spend much time in their room.

On Monday morning Justus started work at 7.15 (way to ease into it!) so I had the job of packing the kids into a taxi and dropping Heike off to her first morning of preschool. Lesson Number One: Leave the pram at home if you’re planning to take a taxi. In fact, be pram smart in general – prams are great for some roads and trails in Hong Kong but a complete nightmare in others. You will see loads of two year olds being carried in slings around the mid levels.

That all ran fairly smoothly and at 10.30am Justus returned briefly to help me transport our ridiculous amount of luggage to the apartment. Two taxis later we arrived, and our apartment was every bit as fabulous as we remembered. WE DID IT! Well, almost.

On Tuesday our furniture arrived and we had our first major setback – our lounge could not fit into either the lift or stairwell. This was pretty devastating as it is easily our most expensive and treasured furniture item and also something we could really use. We also underestimated the overall size of the living room, the result being a really sparse and somewhat depressing living area at the moment. Lesson Number Two: Check all measurements before moving, including lift specs.

So, our Tuesday night consisted of a mad dash about IKEA Causeway Bay (open until 10.30pm, hooray) in search of a new lounge, rug, sideboard, desk and a lot of small bits and pieces. We did find a lounge (KIVIK in dark grey) but that was about it – my mission for the next week is to embark on a mad homewares hunt. While slightly disheartening, it will satisfy my shopping addiction and hopefully make for an interesting blog post!

And so here we are, Hong Kong residents, sweating it out in June with 7 million new neighbours. Heike has made it through her first week of school, Walter is already on hugging terms with our doormen and I’m still alive (and sane). It feels right.


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