Destination Hong Kong

Let me set the scene. You’re happily ensconced in your cosy Sydney world, passing the days in parks and preschools with two tiny offspring while your workaholic husband does his thing.

Suddenly (and it was, in fact, suddenly) said husband sells his long laboured over business to a Chinese company. He then mentions that he thinks he could be of value to them over there…in China. Could he, perhaps, discuss this with them? Would I mind?

And so it is that a hop, skip and a month later us Wilde’s are set to pack up our comfortable life and move to Hong Kong. Smoggy, densely populated Hong Kong – you know, where they speak Cantonese and live on the 50th floor.


I’m not the first Sydney wife to move to Asia and I won’t be the last, but I selfishly believe that all the stress and excitement and mixed feelings of the last few weeks is important and unique. Where will my kids go to preschool? Where will I do my groceries? What will happen to my new lounge? And how on earth will my hair cope in the humidity?

We have no idea where to start and the more we research the more confused we become. Just when we think we have an idea of where we might live and where our new maid will sleep, we speak to someone who hates that area or read a blog post about cooking lessons for maids (these exist, look it up) and it’s ALL TOO MUCH. Why are we leaving anyway? Let’s back out!

So, read along as I document our adventures – the good, the bad and the ultimately sometimes boring life of a stay at home mother in glorious Hong Kong.


2 thoughts on “Destination Hong Kong

  1. Gretta

    I spend a week in Hong Kong a few years back. I loved it. Wasn’t really a fan of sleeping in the 36th floor but I loved the hustle and bustle (I am from Tassie, a little quieter here 😉) it’s a beautiful place!! Looking forward to reading of your adventures x


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